Appearance for Examination

The time has come to enforce the court’s judgment and get your money back, but where do you start? Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as having a check handed to you. The defendant may not have the money on hand, or sufficient income to pay. In cases like these, it’s essential that you request an Order to Appear for Examination (ORAPP).

An ORAPP orders the defendant to appear before the court and disclose any and all assets to the judge. These assets can then be used to help you collect your judgment. Without an ORAPP however, this information may never see the light of day, making the chances of you receiving your money that much more difficult.

Filling Fee
Court Fee
Regular Server fee $65.00
Total:                     $220 prepares all the correct documents for you, which in turn helps the ORAPP request move through court much faster. We also take care of any filing and serving fees, which could take up hours of your time. 


The appearance for examination is one of the final steps to getting your money back. With, it will be one of the easiest steps you’ve ever taken!


Judgment Enforcement
1. Appearance For Examination 
2. produce and file Writ of Execution
3. Garnish Debtor's Wages
4. Placing Levy on Debtor's Bank Account
5. Lien on Real Property
6. Lien on business


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