Demand Letters

Why Send a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is more than just a formality—it is often a requirement to begin legal proceedings against a defendant. But that’s not the only good reason to write one. Many times, just telling the defendant in a short, formal letter that you will be pursuing legal action is enough to change their tune and pay you.

There are compelling reasons why someone would choose a small claims group to write the demand letter for them. First, a properly written legal document is a powerful thing to have during court proceedings. The document explains in clear terms why the defendant owes you money, and shows the courtroom that you have provided a proper warning to the defendant before taking your suit to a small claims court.

Another reason is realted to the style and tone of your demand letter. Hiring a legal team to draft such a letter carries all the weight of the law and legal proceedings with it. While an informal letter from you to the defendant, it may be difficult to convince them you are serious, a formally written legal document is proof that you most certainly are.


The legal experts at excel at writing convincing demand letters. In fact, in many cases this will be the only service you need from us!

But there’s an even more compelling reason to choose us to write your demand letters. At Small Claims Online we never charge for this service. Instead, we ask that our customers donate a small amount of money to St. Jude’s Hospital. We love that we can take one of our more popular services and turn it into a force for good. Best of all, we haven’t met a customer yet who didn’t agree with our choice of charity!

Even something as simple as a demand letter can do great things for the world. Contact us today about our demand letters, and help the children at St. Jude’s at the same time.

Write a Post Judgment letter

You’ve taken your case to court and the judge has ruled in your favor. If the debtor is still dragging their feet or refusing to pay you, a post-judgment letter can remind them that you now have the full backing of the law behind you. A post-judgment letter is a simple and effective tool that can quickly begin the payment process.

Demand Letters Asking for Money

A demand letter can take many forms, and one of the most common is a demand letter requesting money from the debtor. Our demand letters are professionally written to ensure that the debtor knows exactly what is owed and why it is owed. The debtor can also be notified that if the money is not received within a set timeframe, a court date will be set.


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