Lien on Real Property

A very effective method to enforce judgment on a debtor is to have the court place a lien on any real estate property that the debtor owns. The lien acts as a public notice that will stay with the property until the debt is paid off. A property with a lien is not a clear title, and therefore cannot be refinanced or sold until it is removed. When you place a lien on a debtor’s property, he or she has almost no recourse but to pay up, whether upon the sale of the house or upon foreclosure. makes placing a lean on the debtor’s home fast and easy. Enforcing judgment with a lien is one of the most popular and secure ways of retrieving what is owed to you. And all it takes on your part is answering a simple questionnaire. We take care of everything else.

Filling fee $98.00 

Court fee                          $25.00

County Clerk fee            $67.00

Total:                 $190.00



We know how important it is to you to have this handled quickly, and it’s just as important to us. Ready to Get Started? Or if you prefer to speak with a judgment enforcement specialist please call 1800-866-eFILE today!

Judgment Enforcement
1. Appearance Examination
2. Produce and file Writ of Execution
3. Garnish Debtor's Wages
4. Placing Levy on Debtor's Bank Account
5. Lien on Real Property
6. Lien on business


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