Notice to Vacate a Judgment

Motion to Vacate a Small Claims Court Judgment


You’ve been ordered by a small claims court to appear before a judge. The case brought against you clearly states that you owe money to either a person or business. But what if you weren’t given any prior notice beforehand? What if you had little or no opportunity to defend yourself before being served? In cases like this, Small Claims Online can help by sending the court a motion to vacate.

Simply put, a motion to vacate is a chance for you to tell the court that because you were not given a fair opportunity to present your case, the court request should be voided. A lawyer is not necessary to write this document. However, a motion to vacate that fails to convince the court could have severe consequences, including additional fines and fees.

Let Small Claims Online handle your Motion to Vacate. We know what it takes to convince the court that you had little or no prior notice before being served. With a well-written Motion to Vacate, your judgment could be postponed indefinitely or even cancelled entirely. This may be the first and only document you send to the court, and because of that, you want it written as professionally and convincingly as possible.

You can have the necessary information filled out in minutes, and it could save you hours of wasted time in court. Ready to begin?

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Filling Fee  $79.99
Court Fee $20.00

Motion to Vacate Judgment
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2. Motion to Vacate Judgment
3. Appeal a Judgment


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