Writ of Execution

A Writ of Execution is a court order that instructs the defendant’s bank, employer or business to withhold any funds necessary to pay you what you’re owed. If the defendant doesn’t have enough to pay immediately, a writ can withhold certain assets until the judgment has been paid in full, with interest added.

Filling Fee $70.00
Court Fee   $25.00
Total:                   $95.00

SmallClaimsOnline.com makes the Writ Filing process easy and fast. All that’s required on your part is to fill out our simple questionnaire. The rest is done for you. We know you have better things to do than spend hours filling out paperwork and trying to figure out who to send court fees to. When you partner with SmallClaimsOnline.com, that paperwork is no longer your problem. 

Judgment Enforcement
1. Appearance For Examination
2. Produce and file Writ of Execution
3. Garnish Debtor's Wages
4. Placing Levy on Debtor's Bank Account
5. Lien on Real Property
6. Lien on business


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