Small Claims Service Fees (California)

California Small Claim Filing Fees


When we set out to create, we had one very important goal: to make the claims process as affordable as possible without giving up an inch of ground to our competitors in customer service. We’re proud to say that we’ve met and exceeded that goal.

On this page you’ll find pricing for all of our Small Claims services in California. You can call 1-800-866-eFILE if you have any questions about the claims process, or if you would like one of our small claims specialists to take your claim over the phone. 


Small Claim Online Fee
(1 Plaintiff, 1 Dependant)


   Plaintiffs  $7.00 Each
   Defendants  $13.00  Each 
   Regular Serving fee
   (For 5 Attempts)

$65.00 Each
Rush Professional Process Server $110.00 Each 


Court Fees Based On The Amount Of Your Claim
   $0 - $1500 $30.00
   $1501 - $5000 $50.00 
$5001 - $10000 $75.00


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