Judgment Enforcement

You’ve won in court. The judge has ordered the defendant to pay you. That’s great news, until you realize that the court won’t collect your money for you. And now the defendant is ignoring you entirely, after everything you went through to get your money back.

You’re not on your own. Let SmallClaimsOnline.com help you begin the process of enforcing judgment on the debtor. Our experts know exactly how to collect your money, and we can do so quickly and legally, using methods that are well established by the laws of your state.

The process is simple. After completing the required questionnaire, the procedure will be quickly prepared and filed with the courts. We do all the necessary paperwork and court work for you, so you can focus on what’s important to you, and not what’s owed to you.

Our service can help you:

1. Producing, Filing and serving judgment Debtor Examination

2. produce and file Writ of Execution

3. Garnish Debtor's Wages

4. Placing Levy on Debtor's Bank Account

5. Lien on Real Property

6. Lien on business

It’s become a full-time job trying to get your money back. The sooner you have this behind you, the better. We get that. That’s why we won’t stop until your money is safe and secure in your pocket, right where it belongs.

Let’s get to work getting your money back. If you perfer to speak to a Judgment Enforcement Specailist over the phone Contact SmallClaimsOnline.com today 1800-866-eFILE. 

Abstract of Judgement Filling $195
Write of Execution $99
- Wage Garnishment $199.95
- Bank levy $199.95
Order To Appear For Examination $294.95

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